Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies hosts and supports a variety of events that advocate for design excellence including lectures, exhibitions and workshops.
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Pierre Mendell Poster Exhibition

June 4, 2014. The Vignelli Center for Design Studies at RIT will host a major exhibit of graphic designer Pierre Mendell’s posters concurrently in both Bevier Gallery and University Gallery.
The exhibition opens August 25, 2014.
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Visit the Vignelli Center

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies, located on Rochester Institute of Technology’s campus in Rochester, New York, is home to the archives of Massimo and Lella Vignelli.

The archives contain a comprehensive collection of primary source materials along with many examples of their finished works including identity campaigns, products, and furniture. The Vignelli Center has two levels of archival storage,
two galleries and a study room. It is open to the public and welcomes all visitors.


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Vignelli Center Open House: May 13, 2014

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies’ welcomes all members of the Rochester community to tour the archives and galleries, learn about our design programs and projects, and view artifacts from our unique collections on May 13, 2014
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Design Conversations: George M. and Gregory Beylerian

George M. Beylerian: Learning from Experience
Gregory Beylerian: From Concept to Reality, The Art of Living a Creative Life

Wednesday, May 8, 2014

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Design Conversations: Robert Appleton

Designer Robert Appleton will give a Design Conversations lecture titled “Vortex: Why Design Needs New Ways of Speaking” on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at Rochester Institute of Technology.
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Design for Herbert Bayer’s World Geographic Atlas Roundtable

Vignelli Center Visiting Scholar Michael Burke will lead a roundtable discussion regarding Bayer’s work on the Atlas for Container Corporation of America.

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Design Conversations: Michael Bierut

In the world of design, every job, every project, every conversation, every fight, every heartbreak, every victory is a chance to learn something. Michael Bierut talks about his life in design and what he’s learned from his teachers, bosses, partners, and clients.

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Design Conversations: Ken Carbone

Ken Carbone, co-founder and Chief Creative Director of the Carbone Smolan Agency, will speak about what drives his design.

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Design Conversations: Spring Semester 2014

The Vignelli Center’s annual Design Conversations lecture series provides the community with the opportunity to gain invaluable insight from design professionals.

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