Save the Date: Summer Workshop with 2 Master Designers

Ken Carbone and Joel Katz will lead our Master Designer Workshop this summer. Join us for an intensive one week problem-solving experience developing graphic design solutions with the guidance of the team of two master designers and three master faculty in residence.
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Visiting Vignelli Scholar Michael Burke to Lead Roundtable Discussions

Professor Michael Burke has been selected as the Vignelli Center Visiting Scholar. Herbert Bayer’s World Geographic Atlas, Die Neue Line magazine and Bauhaus Designers in England are topics included in his design roundtable discussions.

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Industrial Design Students Collaborate with Corning Museum of Glass and Vignelli Center

Rochester Institute of Technology Graduate Industrial Design students research Vignelli artifacts and philosophy to design new products in a collaborative project with the Corning Museum of Glass and the Vignelli Center for Design Studies.

First-year Graduate Industrial Design students at Rochester Institute of Technology are working with Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG) and the Vignelli Center for Design studies to create will design and develop a product suitable for glass production in consideration of the following context: Drinking vessel. Students will utilize glass as a primary material to explore this condition.

This course introduces industrial design students to a working relationship with a client using a combination of seminar and workshop formats, framed by the tenants of the Vignelli design philosophy and molded by the brief set with CMoG.

The Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning, NY, explores the art, history, and science of glass through displays, changing exhibitions, hands-on activities, and live demonstrations. The Museum is home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of glass, with more than 45,000 glass objects, spanning 3,500 years of glassmaking history. Visitors can also explore the science and technology of glass in a hands-on exhibit area, see live narrated glassmaking demonstrations and try glassworking in short daily workshops. Located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, in one of the most prominent glassmaking towns in America, the Museum is an educational institution, complete with the premier library on glass-related topics and a state-of-the-art glassmaking school and creative center for glass artists and designers.This course will function in part as a competition. CMoG will select exemplary student works from the group to prototype in GlassLab fashion at CMoG with the help of the student(s) selected. GlassLab is a program at CMoG that provides designers with rare access to explore concepts in glass.

The project will be exhibited at RIT’s Vignelli Center for Design Studies as a part of Imagine RIT in May of 2013.

Course Information
Design Laboratory II
Professor Josh Owen
RIT Industrial Design
College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology
Spring 2014

Activating the Vignelli Archive Projects
Activating the Vignelli Archive Website
Olympicvision Posters
Activating the Vignelli Archive with Loll Designs

Design Conversations: Spring Semester 2014

The Vignelli Center’s annual Design Conversations lecture series provides the community with the opportunity to gain invaluable insight from design professionals.

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Design Conversations: Uniform Wares

Uniform Wares founders Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek will visit RIT on January 29, 2014 to deliver a Design Conversations lecture.
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Vignelli Center blog to Share Artifacts

archive: vignelli, the Vignelli Center’s new blog, features artifacts from the Massimo and Lella Vignelli papers as they are unpacked and processed at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies.  We will share the experience of processing a collection and the excitement of discovering never before seen sketches, models, products and documents.
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R. Roger Remington to Deliver Design Conversations Lecture

R. Roger Remington, Lella and Massimo Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design, will speak at Rochester Institute of Technology on September 10, 2013 as part of the Vignelli Center’s Design Conversations lecture series.

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23 Posters: Selections from the Vignelli Archive

A new exhibition in the University Gallery shares artifacts from the Vignelli Center for Design Studies’ archive. Posters for Knoll, Waterhouse, Piccolo Teatro di Milano and more will be on display through September 17, 2013.
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Exhibit: Vignelli Sketches

Sketches for Ciao Italia, The Audubon Society and Chanticleer by the Vignellis are on display in Booth Hall at the Rochester Institute of Technology. These artifacts emphasize how important sketching is to the design process.

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August de los Reyes of Xbox to Lecture

August de los Reyes will visit Rochester Institute of Technology in March and lecture as part of the Vignelli Center’s Design Conversations lecture series. His lecture is titled Design and The New Modern: Three Things You Should Know.

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