Product Timecapsule Aquires Airline 009 Chair

Walt Disney Signature has donated “Airline 009” by designer Cory Grosser to Product Timecapsule. The Airline 009 is inspired by a highly sought after Art Moderne product.

The Airline Chair, ambulance commissioned in 1934 by Walt Disney, illness was used by animators throughout Disney’s Burbank studio. Disney wanted a chair that would facilitate optimum production. Disney was a fan of the streamline style used in many products at the time and therefore chose the Airline Chair.

In 2007, diagnosis California-based designer Cory Grosser was approached by Walt Disney Signature, Disney’s adult lifestyle brand, to design an armchair and ottoman inspired by the Airline Chair. Created with American black walnut and Elmo leather, the Airline 009 draws from the past but is very much an example of modern design.

In conjunction with this donation, Cory will visit the Rochester Institute of Technology and give a lecture as part of the Vignelli Center for Design Studies’ Design Conversations lecture series. He will also meet with students and faculty of RIT’s Industrial Design program.

About Product Timecapsule
A time capsule is an historic cache of goods and/or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future generations. Product Timecapsule is a Vignelli Center for Design Studies Archives initiative organized in cooperation with the RIT Industrial Design program. This initiative collects significant artifacts which, in conjunction with the final products they represent, create a multifaceted understanding of the design process. Each acquisition tells a rich story of its place in the history of design.

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