Activating the Vignelli Archive: Loll Designs

First year Industrial Design graduate students at Rochester Institute of Technology designed and developed a product suitable for inclusion in Loll’s catalog in consideration of the following architectural context: Entryway. Students utilized Loll’s recycled HDPE plastic as a primary material to explore this condition

Hi Bench by Bridget Sheehan

Course Information
ID Problems III
Spring 2013
Associate Professor Josh Owen

ID Problems III introduced industrial design students to a working relationship with a client using a combination of seminar and workshop formats, site framed by the tenets of the Vignelli design philosophy and molded by the brief set by Loll Designs.

The goal of this course was to inspire innovation in product development with regard to the typology in question, troche balanced by real-world parameters. Students were guided through the Vignelli Archives and exposed to physical evidence of design process to frame their work. In addition, The Vignelli Canon served as a primary tool for framing design decision-making in concert with the Loll agenda.

Students designed and produced high-quality, functional prototypes from MDF materials. Students carefully archived their process and documented their final products with graphically compelling use-scenarios and the written word to convey their overall concepts. The opportunity to art-direct the final documentation of products using a professional product photographer to deliver press-quality communication materials.

Course Projects for Loll

Austin Fagot
There is just something in outdoor air that transforms one from a slumbering sloth to a lollygagging lemur. We thought plants might have something to do with it so we created an indoor planter to heighten your lollygagging year round. This planter was built to grow with your amusement, four snaps and a slide brings you to the next level. Constructed from recycled milk jugs, they will keep water and your plants in an exclusive relationship for life. Elevate is designed to allow water to cascade and nurture your greenery spirits on every successive row, safely catching the leftovers on the bottom for you to reuse or throw out. Whatever your wall space, Elevate your lollygag.

Brendan Gordon
Entryways are bivalent, posing no clean break of space and time and demanding a moment of pause. A traditional piece of utility, the cobbler’s bench is also bivalent in nature. Not simply chair or desk, bench or table, it is a fusion of two basic needs—space to work and space to sit. Cobbler honors Loll’s legacy of historical reference, re-envisioning a shoe-maker’s tool, designed for linear work and attention to the more intimate objects in life. It is an aid to a doorway’s pause.

Lei Hong
A chalkboard is a traditional public communication channel. In an increasingly digital world it is a nostalgic and highly personal statement. Chalker is a space for reminders, and a special home communication device for family members, which creates a warm and sweet link between public and private worlds. The design of Chalker is based on the manufacturing capabilities of Loll Designs. And the material is durable, recycled plastic.

Casey Kelly
Bike Buddy
The Bike Buddy is a storage rack that aims to secure both bike and belongings. The bike top tube sits on two side panels and a lock wraps through the bike and the storage space. A water bottle cage serves as a clever handle. Durable HDPE Loll materials support the bike and provide a sense of safe storage for belongings.

Boyuan Ling
Hanging Stickers
A hanging system in the entryway is an almost universal tool which addresses people’s daily needs. Common hanging hooks often position items hanging one over another. Items underneath other items are difficult to notice and hard to take out. Hanging Stickers is about hanging organization. The “loop sticks” and “sticks” are adjustable and snap into place in order to hang multiple objects. The different sets of sticks and loop sticks can be reconfigured based upon lifestyle preferences. The Loll recycled plastic materials are ideal for this product because the snap-fit connections eliminate the need for any hardware.

Qi Liu
Fold Up Seat
This compact Fold-Up Seat design allows for extra seating in commonly narrow entryway spaces. Single hand operation manually allows a user to lower the seat to a horizontal position for use, or to raise for departure and arrival. To fold up, simply lift the bench up and it stays folded, leaning against the wall. The seat can withstand up to 400 pounds and provides a sturdy seating area. The material is durable plastic. This design saves space in small spaces and gives people a feeling of convenience and comfort.

Erica Nwankwo
Functional Wall Tiles
Wall tiles have existed intrinsically as cladding elements. User interaction has been limited to tactile, visual, protective, and sensory. Functional wall tiles provide basic day-to-day usability in the form of holding, hanging, placing, and shelving personal belongings. Perfect for the entryway and available in multiple colors, theses functional tiles come in a set of four, a universal hanger, hook, palette, and shelf. Assembly is hassle free and can be easily mounted on the wall.

Zimo Pan
Big Mailbox
Traditional domestic mailboxes generally do not accommodate large packages. Therefore delivery agents often leave large parcels in compromising positions on stops or front porches. In addition to privacy issues, uncovered boxes are red-flags that no one is at home which creates an additional safety concern. Big Mailbox addresses this problem. Constructed of durable, recycled plastic, it can last an extremely long time in adverse and varied climatic conditions.

Bijal Patwa
Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones bridge the gap between nature and man-made. It compliments existing Loll products by extending their story from the threshold of the home into the yard. Today, environment plays an important role in product design. Product and environment are interconnected and affect one another’s existence. Stepping Stones’ organic shapes and details make them a part of nature, but their color and material make them new and fresh. These stones also have another functional aspect. They are designed to hide one’s spare key under the ‘smallest round stone’.

Bridget Sheehan
Hi Bench
The “Hi” Bench serves as a friendly greeting as you walk in the door. It provides a spot to hold your keys, shoes, spare change, and umbrella. There is also a space to sit down to tie your shoes. Durable and waterproof Loll HDPE materials are ideal for this product as it requires no maintenance and withstands heavy traffic. The “Hi” Bench is a perfect fit for any entryway.

Abhishek Swaminathan
Storing shoes in the entryway is often associated with compact modules in benches. Removing the boundary constraints of benches and using the vertical space in a house in addition to the horizontal gives shoe storage more relevance. Stacks is a modular shoe storage system with each module fitting on top of another. Loll material is washable and extremely durable, making it ideal to use for shoe storage. The “snap fits” designed by Loll enable stacking without the use of any hardware. The addition of a color palette enhances the visual appeal of Stacks. It helps you store your shoes in a neat, fun, and organized manner.

Henry Tao
Trinity Box System
My design concept is a new box system which uses Loll’s material and structures to redefine storage in the entryway. The Trinity Box System is for easy fabrication using Loll’s core competency in manufacturing. The design only employs two different elements needed to build the boxes. Three boxes become a set, and sets can be combined into more sets to create hundreds of different positive and negative spaces.